​​McTeggart irish dancers of oklahoma

Dancer Enrollment Form

Anne Hall

Anne Hall travels in from California once a month to teach a class. Students are expected to make her class when she is here. 

Class Etiquette  

  • No Jeans, or jean shorts
  • Black shorts for everyone, beginner/advanced beginner wears white shirts, novice/prizewinner wears red shirts, and champion dancers wear black shirts
  • Please arrive a few minutes prior to class so you can have your shoes on ready to go on time
  • No chewing gum
  • Be respectful of your fellow students and stay in the class room and quiet when you are not dancing


Monday’s same schedule (main class monthly tuition)
4:45pm to 5:45pm Adv beginner and up Softshoe 
5:45pm to 6:15pm adv. beginner hardshoe
5:45pm to 6:45pm Novice and up hardshoe
Friday’s extra class $55 a month
Novice and up 
4:45pm to 6:45pm 
Also available for private lessons on Friday after class 
6:45pm to 7:45pm $60They are held at the Stillwater Community Center.

Edmond-Tuesdays Main Class

This class is for everyone from beginners to championship taught by Rebekah. It is held at Apex on Tuesdays 

5:30pm to 6:15pm beginners
6:15pm to 7pm Adv. beginner/Novice hardshoe 
7pm to 8pm all school Softshoe 
8pm to 9pm Champ hardshoe

Class Schedule

Edmond-Monday Extra Class 

Taught by Hannah this class is for Prizewinner/champion dancers 7-8:30pm and it is $55 a month extra. 

Edmond-Thursday extra class

 Taught by Rebekah on Thursdays at 7:00- 9:00. It is held at Apex Dance for novice and up. It is an extra $55 a month.

Thursday at Apex extra class $55 a month

Also available for private lessons on Thursdays before class
6pm to 7pm $60